KSCS dissemination

talk about poetry…

Poets talk about poetry….
We gathered the opinions of Greek poets about their art, about how they define what poetry is.

Each trainee was portrayed by a poet and conveyed his point of view.

Learners talk about poetry…
Learners talk about poetry: Then the learners reported what poetry is for them, after taking into account their feelings, their experience of participating in the project, and their experiences.

Instructors talk about poetry…
Teachers who participated in the project mentioned what poetry is for them through what they felt, what they felt, what they experienced during the implementation of the project and approaching poetry through the arts.

It was interesting to hear the personal opinions, ideas of all three different groups, ie poets, trainees and teachers. We were able to see similarities and differences of their approaches.

The assistance of the arts, the combination of poetry and arts with the use of technology, could not be missing. So the trainees presented videos that they had created, a collection video of all the activities they had implemented.

There was music, there were alternative poetry and creative writing activities, painting, and technology use. And of course the trainees themselves formed a choir and sang poetry set to music.

In addition, the brochure they had made was presented with how poetry improves our lives, family learning, personal and interpersonal relationships by offering advice. The combination of poetry and improving the quality of life is innovative and important, but also how family learning can contribute and in two. It is important for the family to use poetry through activities as a learning tool for parents and children. The consequence is an improvement in the quality of life.