In celebrating World Poetry Day, March 21

we recognize that poetry is not an outdated form of art, but one which enables societies to become more colorful, inclusive and resilient. Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals, everywhere in the world, share similar questions and feelings. The art of Poetry, as a cultural form of communication existing in all countries and among all cultures, can be a particularly interesting means of strengthening the communicative abilities of adults learning to read and write and opening up space for individual growth. 🤩We are excited to announce that our new project “POETA: Poetry-based Approach in basic education for Adults” aims to contribute to the empowerment of people being “on the way to the written word” including first and second language learners. In cooperation with culturally diverse European partners, an innovative and holistic concept for working with poetic texts in basic education, presented in an e-book, is to be developed, explored and integrated into teacher training via MOOC.[0]=AT2MpFTwUOKCuBoVfBQiLzd54-GKe33l8NYcyCtSKZeW5mWn_MrCnjgnlfvKsd-IQw8RLWmZGrlpagS3S-1IAIV-cPcMRgMrIfpQc4_MFM_sxU3ZpebbLrI2kiZH2R3PjeJRLr-QGsejQj4-h4a8jzWT_Rpib3d79Joe4uSp0G_mAUc

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou