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Catholic Adult Education Rhineland-Palatinate is an association of all institutions of adult education in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate with the purpose of promoting, shaping and developing adult education. Through its educational projects, the KEB contributes to equal opportunities and gender equality. It promotes social, political, cultural and intercultural learning and reduces educational deficits. 

We want to help people regardless of regardless of gender, religion, cultural or social background to develop new or deepen existing knowledge, skills, behaviors and qualifications. Dialogue and democratic skills, a culture of debate and tolerance of plurality and the ability to act are among our central objectives. 

We participate in dialogue and and debate about developments, changes, problems and and questions about the future of society to act according to our responsibility for the ongoing development of a more humane future.

Mainz, Germany

Team Project POETA

Elisabeth Vanderheiden

Managing Director KEB

Selina Tschida

Project Manager POETA

Kajo Wintzen

Project Manager BBQ

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