Mascha Kaleko: ‘Recipe’


Significant topic of the participants: War in Ukraine, worry, fear

Method: The poem as a parenthesis

The study groups:

  • Two reading and writing groups online via Zoom. People are accompanied to set up the technology, there is the possibility of on-site meetings in learning cafes.
  • Two groups in a work offer for people who receive support in life and work.


  • Starting point is the defining theme of the people: fear because of the war.
  • From the poem only the beginning and lines to the end are presented (see the postcard of the artist project).
  • The beginning of the poem “Chase away the fears And the fear of the fears” opens.
  • The sentences almost at the end of the poem “Be wise And hold on to miracles” closes the parenthesis.


In between the group explored the question of what counter-design to fear there could be: Where, with whom do I feel comfortable? Someone brought in a song, later participant wrote a recipe with the title “How do I bake myself a good friend”, because it became important not to be alone with fear. People use the picture plane with collages. word and sentences. The group works on the collage of a ‘Wonder Tree’: a spontaneous and creative collection of hopes and wishes.

Translation of words in the ‘Miracle Tree’: Wonder-People, Wonder-Heart, Wonder-Wedding, Wonder-Me, …